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Meet the CEO of BWM Travel Agency


My name is Margaret Mays, and I am a Travel Advisor based in New Jersey! Although I was born and raised in New York " DA BRONX" I have been in Jersey for the past 5 years. Growing up I did not do a lot of traveling, my mother was a single parent of 3 so although she made sure we all had what we wanted and needed there was little room for travel! 

I have always been excited by travel even if it was state to state but I never really knew how I could see more places. In my early 20's I took my first cruise on Norwegian cruise lines to the Bahamas and  I fell in love! I mean the culture the excitement the activities it was ALL I can think about. Shortly after that trip I visited, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, and a few others I became slightly addicted to travel. 

While working remotely for a cruise line I was introduced to my Host agency Inteletravel ! and from there it was history! I became a travel agent in September 2019 and I never looked back! I have planned so many trips to soo many destinations for my clients and each time I do I feel like a part of me goes on the journey with them. 

Since beginning my career as a travel agent I am now certified in:

  • Riu Resorts 
  • Allianz Travel Insurance 
  • Jamaica 
  • Jamaica Honeymoons and Weddings 
  • Carnival Cruise Lines 
  • Belize 
  • Disney Travel 
  • And more to come !

I am constantly learning to provide my clients with the best value and most importantly to exceed their expectations !

I currently offer a variety of travel packages for companies, individuals, and groups, including:

  • Corporate, Business, & Group Travel
  • Pacific & Atlantic Ocean Cruises
  • Caribbean & Mediterranean Sea Cruises
  • All-Inclusive Resort Stays
  • Safari Packages in Africa & Asia
  • Destination Weddings & Honeymoons
  • European Vacations to Italy, France, and Germany
  • Latin American Vacations to Mexico, Cuba, and Argentina

I am able to create one-of-a-kind vacations and destination events that offer truly breathtaking experiences at an affordable cost. I can't wait to Book your trip !

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