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BWM Travel Agency is located in Essex County New Jersey.

Hi, my name is Margaret Mays, and I am the CEO and Founder of BWM  Travel Agency. BWM is a New Jersey Travel Agency located in Essex County! I have been a Travel Agent / Owner since September 2019! Before I started this Journey in travel I worked as an Emergency Department Technician at University Hospital located in Newark NJ until 2021.

Travel has always been something that I wanted to do growing up I didn't travel much. I grew up in a single-parent household so my mother just could not afford it. As a kid a long trip was me driving from The Bronx where I am from to New Jersey where I live now, I didn't know any better back then. 

I took my first trip in my early twenties and honestly it was only to VIRGINIA, but I experienced such a different peace I needed to see more! I then visited the Bahamas, went on a cruise, and started making my way through the Caribbean on different trips! I became slightly addicted to learning more about these destinations and their culture. 

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In 2019 I stumbled across an opportunity to become a travel agent. I was in the middle of planning my trip so I said sure this could be fun! Boy was I RIGHT! This business has been a life-changing experience and the Highlight isn’t even the travel it’s my CUSTOMERS. I have had the honor of working with and planning Honeymoons, Babymoons, retreats, all-inclusive stays, family vacations, cruises, adult-only vacations and so much more. l love it when my customers arrive at their destination and it’s everything they could have dreamed of and more! Experience your dream vacation when you book with BWM Travel Agency!

As a New Jersey Travel Agent and Frequent Traveler, I've learned that creating memories is so valuable we just never know what tomorrow will bring! So when planning my client's vacations it's my responsibility that they don't encounter any obstacles. I ensure that every aspect of their trip is planned with their travel goals in mind. 

A lot of times I get asked what are the benefits of using a Travel Agency when I can just book ONLINE. The first REASON I always tell my clients is I care about your vacation and your experience! You are not just another sale !

Here are a few more reasons why using BWM Travel Agency is a SMART Idea!

  • No Pressure Best Trip Ever 
  • Expertise & Personal Touch 

  • Turn your travel dreams into reality

  • Most people when deciding to travel have no exact destination in mind when they start planning. BWM Travel Agency will take a deep dive into your vacation interest and make your dream vacation come to life.

  •  BWM has reliable industry knowledge and experience that will ensure travelers get the most out of their budget.

  • Pay in Installments or Financing options are available to those who qualify 

  • With BWM Travel Agency, you can make a down payment and get early-bird perks.

  • No hidden fees

  • BWM Travel Agency provides a transparent price quote for service fees and full travel costs before any payment is made.

  • Offer additional Travel planning services 

  • No STRESS, Relax let us do the research for you! 

  • New Jersey Travel Agency BWM has access to exclusive deals but also keeps track of current vacation promotions, and can advise you on the best time to book, giving you the best value in the market, as well as calculating the value of what you will receive.

  • BWM Travel Agency exists to provide their clients with an unforgettable travel experience. We will take care of everything!  From your flights, hotel accommodations, transportation, excursions, and so much more.

  • BWM is available 24hrs during your vacation for any emergent situations.

 BWM Travel Agency Group Trips


BWM Travel Agency  offers a variety of travel packages for companies, individuals, and groups, including:

  • Corporate, Business, & Group Travel

  • Pacific & Atlantic Ocean Cruises

  • Caribbean & Mediterranean Sea Cruises

  • All-Inclusive Resort Stays 

  • Adult only vacation packages and cruises

  • Safari Packages in Africa & Asia

  • Luxury Travel

  • Destination Weddings & Honeymoons

  • European Vacations to Italy, France, and Germany

  • Latin American Vacations to Mexico, Cuba, and Argentina

  • BWM specializes in the Riu brands, Belize, Carnival Cruise lines, and Jamaica Travel. This does not limit her capabilities in all other travel!

  • BWM can create one-of-a-kind vacations and destination events that offer truly breathtaking experiences at an affordable cost.

  • Family Vacations 

BWM Travel Agency offers Travel Planning Services for: 

  • Destination Weddings 

  • Birthdays 

  • Retreats

  • Pop the question destinations

  • Surprise Destination Vacations

  • Divorce Parties

  • Babymoons 

  • Traditional & Luxurious Honeymoons

  • All Groups 

BWM Travel Agency is looking forward to assisting you with your travel plans. 


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