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                       RESEARCH FEE WAIVED UNTIL MAY 22ND 2022                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Booked with Margaret Charges a NON-REFUNDABLE Research fee for all bookings that are not associated with a #BWM number. That includes all custom packages for solo, group, domestic, business, international travel, etc. This fee is not associated with the cost of your trip. This fee covers the time spent researching and booking your travel package. You will receive a credit in the amount of your research fee if you place a deposit within 14 days.  If you are only booking one part of your trip through Margaret you are not required to pay a Research fee. For example Hotel Only or Flight Only( Select "One Part N/A" ) After submitting this inquiry your INQUIRY, you will receive our terms and conditions as well as an invoice for our services. Fees range from $35 to $1500 all outlined in our terms and conditions.